Package unm.util

Interface Summary
Key Key.

Class Summary
Assert Assertions.
HashTree A TreeMap which sorts on two keys.
Log Logging facility.
LogWriter Logging stream.
This class encapsulates a PrintWriter (like System.out).
Misc Misc.
Random and senseless functions not available elsewhere (to the best of my knowlege).
MutableInteger Mutable Integer object.
Not to be confused with the immutable java.lang.Integer
MutableLong Mutable Long object.
Not to be confused with the immutable java.lang.Long
Numerical Numerical class.
ProcessWatcher ProcessWatcher.
SimpleMail SimpleMail.
Send email.
StringID String identifier.

Exception Summary
AssertionException AssertionException.
An AssertionException is thrown when the Assert.assert() method evaluates a false boolean expression.