Package unm.maui.sched

Interface Summary
PolicyManager PolicyManager.
Prioritizer Prioritizer.
A Prioritizer is responsible for calculating job priorities.
SchedListener Listen to scheduler events.
Schedulable Basic interface for an object which can be scheduled.
Scheduler Scheduler interface.

Class Summary
BackfillMod Basic Scheduler.
BasicPolicy Basic PolicyManager.
BasicPolicy.AuthTuple Authorization strings.
BasicPrio BasicPrio.
BasicSchedulable BasicSchedulable is a basic schedulable object.
EpilogEvent Event generated at the end of the scheduling loop.
LoopEvent Event generated each time through the scheduling loop, after the scheduler performs all other events.
PrologEvent Event generated at the beginning of the scheduling loop.
ReservationsMod ReservationsMod.
Sched Basic Scheduler.
SchedEvent Scheduler-generated event.
SchedVars Structure for passing variables.

Exception Summary
SchedException Scheduler Exception.