Package unm.maui.rm

Interface Summary
Job Job is a Schedulable.
Matcher Matcher is responsible for matching requests to resources in an efficent and sane manner (finding nodes/slots for a schedulable object).
Node Node.
RM Resource Manager Interface.

Class Summary
BasicJob BasicJob is a class the implements the bare-bones methods of a job.
BasicMatcher BasicMatcher.
BasicNode BasicNode.
BasicRM Common RM functionality.
HuiNaluMatcher HuiNaluMatcher.
NodeID Node identifier.
NodeSlotMatcher NodeSlotMatcher attempts to match specific requested nodes/slots to available ones.
The NodeSlotMatcher is meant to be used for making reservations for Schedulables which request a SPECIFIC geometry (via Schedulable.[gs]etReqNodesSlots().
RMID RM identifier.
SimpleMatcher SimpleMatcher attempts to match a requested nodes/slot geometry to available nodes/slots.
Slot A Slot is a "processing element".
SlotID Node identifier.

Exception Summary
RMException Resource Manager Exception.