Package unm.maui.res

Interface Summary
JobReservation "Automatic" reservation made for a job.
Reservation Reservation interface.
Sys Sys.
A Sys is a Schedulable object that acts as a container for other Schedulable objects.
SysReservation SysReservation is made by user/admin to set aside nodes/slots for some period of time for use by a certain user, group, or project (account).

Class Summary
BasicRes BasicRes.
BasicSys BasicSys.
CronColumnEnumeration Enumeration for cron columns.
JobRes Reservation made by the scheduler for a single job instance on a single RM.
Initially, this is a "soft" reservation, meaning that it may (in fact it's almost guaranteed to) change when new jobs are submitted, running jobs finish or are cancelled, etc.
SysRes SysRes implements SysReservation.

Exception Summary
ReservationException ReservationException.