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Maui Scheduler Command Client Protocol

Maui Scheduler Steering Committee

19 Feb 2002

This paper is an overview of the Maui Scheduler Molokini Edition XML-based command client/server communications protocol (protocol version 0.5) for MauiME versions 1.2 and greater. Earlier versions of MauiME relied on a wanky protocol which is no longer supported. In addition we document the wrapping protocol used for encrypting and authenticating the socket communication. The Maui Scheduler is available from

1. Client/Server Protocol Overview

2. Encrypted/Authenticated Wrapper

3. canceljob

4. cancelres

5. checkjob

6. checknode

7. checkres

8. holdjob

9. mauicontrol

10. mauisubmit

11. releasejob

12. setres

13. showq

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